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We think so. Uncle Bens tek is okay, but we believe our all in one mushroom grow bags are a superior option for a number of reasons.

  1. The Bag: Unlike Uncle Bens, our bags are designed for growing mushrooms. They include a self healing injection site, a breathable filter patch, they are clear so you can monitor growth and they have extra space so you can grow the mushrooms in the bag.
  2. The Contents: Uncle Bens pouches are incomplete, they contain only rice which requires a transfer to bulk substrate. Our mushroom grow bags contain both grain and substrate, which eliminates the spawn to bulk transfer step, eliminates the risk of introducing contaminates, and saves time.
  3. The Process: While Uncle Bens is "cheap" it still requires all the steps of traditional spawn to bulk methods. Our grow bags combine the whole process into one container and 3 simple steps.
  4. Supplies: Uncle Bens Tek still requires you buy either specially designed grow tubs (expensive) or storage containers that you will destroy for any other use by modifying them. Our Grow bags are a self contained process, every step, from injection to fruiting, can be completed in the bag.
  5. Ultimate Cost: Uncle Bens pouches are cheap by themselves but expensive when you factor in that you will need to buy or make substrate, buy a fruiting chamber, and that contamination rates are significantly higher. In contrast our grow bags are all you need outside of buying the spores. Using our bags will save you money and hassle.



We have a detailed step-by-step guide that you can find HERE

Let's quickly go over the basics. First, gather all the supplies and stage them in a clean work area. Clean the injection site with 70% Isopropyl alcohol, clean the needle with alcohol and inject the spores. Done!

Once spores are injected it's time to wait. It can take up to 14 days for spores to germinate.

Once the bags are ~20% colonized with mycelium the next step is to break that portion up in the bag and mix it around.

Within 2 weeks of breaking and mixing, the bags should be almost completely consumed with white mycelium. When they are fully colonized it's time to initiate the fruiting process by cutting the bags open to introduce fresh air. Lightly mist the interior with water and fan with fresh air 2-4x day. After another 10-20 days, harvest your mushrooms.

We offer a 100% sterile gaurantee. If at any point you discover contamination BEFORE injection we will replace or refund your purchase at no cost.

Dispose any contaminated bags in the trash.

How long it takes to grow mushrooms is highly variable. It will be effected by genetics, whether starting from spores or living cultures, temperature, and the quality/composition of the grow media.

Generally, you can expect it to take between 8-12 weeks from injection to harvest. Some companies will claim you can have a harvest in 6 weeks, but that is only in the absolute best circumstances, and if the stars align.


Yes, especially with our all in one mushroom grow bags. There is no need to have or buy a pressure cooker, monotub, spawn or substrate. There is no sterilizing the grain at home, or transfering spawn to bulk substrate. 

We've eliminated the pain points of growing mushrooms at home and made the process as easy as it can be.

Our mushroom grow bags are shelf stable and viable within the first year after manufacture, likely longer. However, we have found the best success can be achieved if you use them within 60 days of receipt. If you plan on waiting before using them, store them in a cool dark spot. No refrigeration is necessary.

Our shipping policy can be found HERE.

Most orders ship the same day if placed before 2pm EST. 

Free shipping is ground and takes between 2-6 days to arrive.

If you want your order faster we offer a premium option with USPS priority, which will arrive in 1-3 Days. The cost for premium shipping depends on weight.

All orders to the lower 48 states have a free shipping option. We offer a USPS priority upgrade that varies by weight from $10-40.

Orders to Alaska and Hawaii are USPS priority by default.

Yes. We ship in plain brown boxes with no distinguishable markings or labels. Orders ship from "The Spawn Store"



In the rare circumstance your package is lost in shipping, we will replace it at no cost to you.

In the case your package is damaged we use insured shipping methods. Please photo document all damage along with the label for the insurance claim and email us at

We will ship you a replacement at no cost.