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Condensation on the inside of the bag is normal.

This IS NOT contamination and will usually disappear within 1-2 days as the bags acclimate and reabsorb the condensation.


The most critical decision is your source of spores. There are a lot of poor quality vendors currently, and almost all instances of contamination or lack of growth can be traced back to the spores. Our bags are hydrated and sterile, we guarantee it. Spore syringes are not sterile, they must contain only the spores we want.

We are not responsible for contamination once the bags are injected.

 Damaged Bags

Occasionally there are defects in the bags from the manufacturer and it goes unnoticed on our end. Bags can also be damaged in shipment. In either case if bags arrived contaminated or show signs of contamination before being injected this is the most likely culprit. We stand by our product quality with a sterile guarantee. Please reach out to us directly through our e-mail and we will either refund or replace the damaged bag(s).