Our Bags Are Better!

There may be cheaper options out there, but let's go over why OUR All-In-One mushroom grow bags are THE BEST option.

     1) We use more grain. We use certified organic whole rye, not animal feed or bird seed. It's the most expensive ingredient, but it also contains the most nutrition. That means more yield. In commercial cultivation, producers prefer bulk substrate for no other reason than cost. If grain was as cheap as compost or agricultural by-product, they would 100% use it. As for the home grower, we aren't looking for the most economical way to yield. We want the most yield for our small effort. The primary duty of the compost in our bags is a moisture reservoir. Mushrooms are 90% water after all.
     2) Our compost is better. We keep it simple. Manure based compost, peat moss, coir fiber, calcium hydroxide to adjust the pH, and water. As stated above, for the home grower, compost is for holding water. It does offer a level of nutrition, but that is its secondary purpose. There is no reason to add nutritional supplements. The marginal increase in potential yield isn't worth the cost. It's a cheap gimmick that can't replace the grain.
     3) Our process is better. We are one of the few, if not only, companies that seals the bags BEFORE we sterilize. Without the specialized equipment and knowledge this is not possible. If you were to try this at home it would lead to inevitable disaster. Exploded bags, a huge mess, and the loss of materials and time. Most companies sterilize and then seal the bags in front of a laminar flow hood. This is a good option, but it still leaves a vector for potential contamination. With our process, once sterilization is complete, there is no chance of contaminates.
      Another important step we take is to let the hydrated grain sit overnight to drain. The key to this step is that it allows time for any bacterial endospores to germinate. Bacterial endospores are tough to kill, it's much easier to once they germinate.
     4) Our bags are better. Simple. We could save $.50 a bag by ordering from China, but we don't. We rely on Unicorn bags based in Texas. They make the bags right here in the USA. They are higher quality in every way, and it supports American jobs and families.
    5) Our promise is better. We guarantee our bags are sterile. We promise to always source the best, cleanest ingredients. We promise to never cut corners, we will always support USA manufacturers and farmers.
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