Mushroom Grow Kits With Pasteurized Substrate Are A Bad Idea

What seems convenient at first, can lead to problems.

We don't make, or recommend kits that sell sterile spawn with pasteurized substrate.
The reason for this is, pasteurized substrate has a shelf life.
It can take more than a month for mycelium to colonize a bag of grain spawn . In that time bacteria is also reproducing and taking over the substrate.
You can refrigerate it, but that only slows the process. It's inevitable because the material is not sterilized.
A better option is to freeze the substrate. Both solutions have the issue of taking up space in your fridge or freezer.
You could also plan to order the substrate when the grain finishes colonizing. There is no problems leaving colonized bags to wait a few days for an order of fresh substrate to arrive. 
The best option is our All-In-One kits. We sterilize the substrate along with the grain which prevents the issues altogether.


Our kits will work for any method you choose.
  • Fruit them in the bag
  • Fruit many bags in a storage tote
  • Mix them together in a tote and case them
  • Use them to spawn more substrate in larger totes
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