Mushroom Spores And The Shady Practices Of Vendors

The mushroom industry is booming and with that come unscrupulous people looking to make a quick buck off the unsuspecting and uninformed.

We started this company to help people grow their own medicine at home. We here have all had our lives changed for the better from the power of serotonergic drugs, be it mushrooms, DMT or LSD. To cheat people out of their money is not something we would ever consider nor could we live with ourselves if we did. We love you all.

But we can't say that for all the people involved in the industry. Once big money is involved the sharks come out, and spores are big money. Selling illegal mushrooms can make you a lot of money but when you do the math on what the spores from those same mushrooms could bring you realize that the real money is in selling spores. 

Now imagine, you can make a lot of money selling the spores, but what if you could find a way to 10x that money. Now you can begin to understand why there are so many new sellers entering the market.

One way to do that is by diluting the concentration of spores. Pretty harmless because at least you are still getting spores, though it may reduce the chances of germination because it takes two spores in contact to germinate. A good spore syringe should have visible clumps of purplish spores clinging together and floating around.

Another more sinister plot would be to take something similar to spores, like fine activated charcoal powder and just fill syringes with that to give the appearance of spores in solution. It's possible to turn a $1 into $20-30 pretty easily.

All this is possible because it is exceedingly difficult to obtain a payment processor that will process credit card payments with the knowledge that you are selling spores. So most vendors have to resort to crypto currency or peer to peer payments like zelle or cash app which don't offer the same charge-back purchase protections that credit cards do.

Until such time as selling spores is accepted by the major payment processors, and the legitimate producers can come out of the grey market, this will remain an industry wide issue. 

We encourage everyone to do their due diligence and research on reliable vendors through reviews and public forums. Reddit,, youtube, and your friends are all good ways to find reliable vendors.


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Thanks for sharing this. I’ve bought spores online from a few different vendors, and noticed the quality can vary greatly depending on the source you buy from, but I had no idea things this shady were going on in the industry.

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