All In One Mushroom Grow Bags Are The Best Way To Grow At Home

They Are The Easiest

 If you are like me, then you want results with minimal effort. I like the romance of a new hobby and learning in detail all the ways a certain goal can be accomplished. But sometimes I want to hit the easy button so I can relax and worry about other things in the meantime. All in one mushroom grow bags are the easy button. They remove all of the work of cultivating mushrooms at home. No cooking grain, no special equipment, no buying storage totes and cutting holes in them, no transferring colonized grain to a bulk substrate. All the hard work has been done for you, all you have to do is inoculate and wait.

They Provide The Highest Chance Of Success 

 When it come to achieving a successful harvest, there are a lot of opportunities for failure. From improperly hydrated grain, and over-saturated substrate, to contamination at any step of the way. With our mushroom grow kits success is all you will know. As long as your spores or liquid culture are uncontaminated, and you use sterile handling procedures when injecting the bags, there is little to no risk of contamination. We've eliminated all but one vector for contamination, and there's no avoiding the need to inoculate, so we've gotten as close to 0% chance of contamination as possible, the rest is up to you.

The Yields Are As Good As Other Methods

 Size matters. Jokes aside, you want to yield an amount worth the effort. Biological efficiency (BE) is how mushroom growers determine how well they are yielding. If I start with one pound of dry input, I want to get 1 pound of fresh mushrooms, which will dry to 10% of that (454*0.1=45grams dried). That is 100% biological efficiency. It's possible to achieve upwards of 150% with the right genetics and environment. With our All-in-ones you can reliably yield 28g of dried mushrooms per bag, sometimes more. 

They Are Convenient And Beginner Friendly 

Are you just starting into the world of mushroom cultivation? Are you hesitant to spend all the money on the necessary equipment before you decide if the hobby is right for you? Maybe you only want to grow a small amount once or twice a year. And don't get me started on taking up space storing a pressure cooker, totes with holes, and other miscellaneous tools, supplies, and equipment. If all of that sounds like it rings true, then our kits are for you.

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My wonderful nephew gave me some magic mushrooms, as he swears by them….I am so looking forward to giving them, then grow my own, a try.

Susan Elizabeth Goodman

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